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Children and Youth

The roots of the fourth pillar - Children and Youth - reach back to the combat-weary doughboys who founded The American Legion. They survived trench warfare, machine-gun firefights, mid-air dogfights and mustard gas. When they called their first caucus at Paris in 1919, they focused not on themselves but on the children and youth of America. They knew that children were made orphans by the war, and that many had little chance to succeed without help. The slogan they coined resonates today: "A Square Deal for Every Child." Millions of dollars have since been raised and innumerable hours have been volunteered by Legionnaires, in order to help children who are sick or in need, or simply looking for opportunities to achieve their goals. The American Legion has advocated on their behalf, fighting against such social ills as child pornography, teen suicide, drug abuse and violence at home.

Naperville Post 43, in line with the local community, is dedicated to making a difference for the youth in our community,  Visit our web pages for more information on the various programs Post 43 participates in.

Boy's State

Girl's State

Illinois Scholarship

High School Oratorical Contest 

Americanism Essay Contest 

7th & 8th grade Speech Contest

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