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About Us


“What makes Naperville Post 43 Special?”

We have a “Plan”!  Shortly after WW 1, 126 Veterans filed with the State of Illinois for a “charter” that was approved by National.  Post 43 was officially chartered on August 1st, 1920.  


Post 43 began a Mission to support fellow Veterans,  and quickly became an active and very patriotic entity here in Naperville.   As the 43rd oldest Chartered Post in the state of Illinois, we continue to build on a tradition that began in 1920, thru WWII, and still today.

Using their own monies, our WWII Veterans purchased our “Post Home” in downtown Naperville -- from which we have grown to more than 600 members. 


Membership growth just didn’t happen on its own.   We continuously strive to  build a stronger and brighter future for our Post, while avidly supporting the “4 Pillars” of the American Legion.    Commitment to our fellow veterans; the Naperville Community; our youth; and our active duty military personnel are all segments of our “Plan” to be the leader among the Service Organizations.


The vision those 126 WWI veterans had in their hearts, we continue to build upon:  “Veterans Serving Veterans."

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