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Walk Thru


When one of our Veterans passes away, we as fellow Veterans are always honored to pay our final respects as part of the visitation or Memorial service.   We call this a Walk Thru.  During this simple service, Veterans in attendance will form a line, individually approach the casket or urn, and render their final slow salute.  They, then, form a line to render a group salute when “Taps” are sounded.

Turning to the family and other attendees, the Veteran standing last in the initial line, offers a final eulogy in honor of the deceased veteran.   He or she turns and faces the casket or urn, and renders a final salute.   “Taps” are sounded, the Veterans salute as they move out of the room.


This is a simple service, yet very dignified, honoring the Veteran that just passed away.   It is our way of showing the family how important their deceased family member was to our Freedoms that they served to protect.   We will do this for all Veterans--not

just American Legion or VFW members.  

To arrange a Walk Thru please contact the two Naperville-area funeral homes--Beidelman-Kunsch or Friedrich- Jones.  They will coordinate the Walk Thru with us.

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