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Renewals and Transfers

You can renew your membership online!

Do you have any questions regarding renewals or transfers?

Please contact

Senior Vice Commander 

Jennifer Slown


Membership Renewals are very important in order to maintain the Programs of Post 43, our Department of Illinois, and our National Organization.  The American Legion year goes from July 1st thru June 31st.  We encourage all our “Annual Renewal” members to please renew as soon as the new membership year (July 1) starts or --ideally no later than December 15th. 


You can renew two ways:


1.  Send your dues in directly to our Post Home:


Naperville American Legion Post 43

PO Box 4

Naperville, IL.   60566


2.  Renew on line on  our Department of Illinois website


You will be mailed your Post Membership Card for that year once your dues are paid.

One benefit for having your dues paid by  the end of the calendar year is you will receive up to $5,000.00 No-Cost-To-You-Accident-Protection.  


To activate this coverage you can call 1-800-235-6943 or activate online  You will be covered up to $1,000.00 of AD&D coverage.   If the accidental loss occurs when on official Legion Family Business, you will be covered for $5,000.00 of AD&D.

Transferring to Naperville Post 43

If you are a member of the American Legion in good standing, you are eligible to “Transfer” into Naperville Post 43.   This includes members of an American Legion Post and those currently assigned to the Department of Illinois Post 2910.   Regardless of your membership location, a Member Data Form must be completed, signed, and sent to:

                       American Legion Post 43

                       PO Box 4

                       Naperville, Illinois    60566

Please include a copy of your DD-214 (Required by the  IRS)

For Legionnaires Transferring from a Local Post

If you have already paid your Post dues for the current Legion Year (July 1st thru June 30th) you will not “officially” be transferred to Post 43 until the New Legion Year begins.   But if you have not paid your current Post dues, you will be “officially” transferred to Post 43 this currently year and Post 43 will collect your dues for the year.   Post 43 dues are currently $45 for the year.

For Legionnaires transferring from the Department of Illinois--Post 2910

If you have already paid the current year dues to Department ($43/year), you will be transferred to Post 43 immediately.   If you have not paid your yearly dues, you will be transferred to Post 43 and your dues ($45/year) will be paid to Post 43.

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