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Each year the Department of Illinois awards 25-$1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors.  There are 4 awards given in each of the 5 Divisions for accredited colleges and universities, and 1 award given for a student entering a trade/vocational school (a non-degree program). 



The student must be a direct descendent of a Legionnaire--living or deceased.  Great-Grandparents through parent-mothers are included.


Participation in the program has experienced a downward trend in the past several years.

1 in 4 applicants have a good chance obtaining a scholarship. 



Visit for details and  print the application. 

You can also contact Wayne Fischer @ 630-961-0628 for additional information. 


Keep in mind that all applications must be signed by the qualifying Legion family member.  Post Commander Lee Lindberg must sign the application if the qualifying family member is deceased. 



Applications must be in to Department Headquarters no later than March 15th. 

No Exceptions will be allowed. 

We encourage all members that have children or grandchildren to apply.   The Department of Illinois of the American Legion is proud to offer these scholarships to deserving Legion family members.  

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